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Another touching moment for our Bill's Family this past weekend, as #11 Jayden Palzet and #13 Jack Palzet escort their brother #8 Noah Palzet into the end-zone to score this special touchdown. Our Bills Football Family's thoughts and prayers remain with the Palzet family and Noah as he continues his battle versus Cancer! STAY STRONG NOAH!
Thank you to Middleweight PAC Coach Ryan Schumi of the BG Bills and the Cary, IL Football Program for helping to make this moment possible.

A real "feel good moment" today for our Junior Varsity squad: Mario Babbo scores his 1st touchdown. As the team goes to mob him the official yells “Coach, get your team back on the sideline”. Coach Projansky’s response “Throw a flag”. Bills win 29-0!

Mario works hard with this squad every day and deserves this moment. Thanks to the BANA team for allowing this special moment for our player!

The Bills Football Featherweights were proud to have an honorary captain on hand for this past weekends game. Jackson Clark is a Bills player who would be playing with this group of boys this year, except Jackson is fighting a different type of battle off the field.

Keep fighting like champ Jackson... and please know that the entire Bills Football program continues to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Watch this touching video, as Head Coach Scott Delevitt offers some inspiring words to the team while recognizing Jackson Clark's strength and determination.