Founded in 1972 the Bills youth football organization and cheer-leading association is a non for profit community focused organization dedicated to providing a fun and competitive atmosphere for all kids interested in playing football or cheer-leading. The Buffalo Grove Bills are a member of the TCYFL.

2019 Board of Directors

Tom Sibo - President/Director of Registration

Eddy Youkhanna - Executive Vice President/Secretary/Parent Liaison

Michael Factor  - Vice President/Treasurer

Rick Herrejon - Vice President/Recruitment Manager/Alternate TCYFL Rep

Jamie Benthusen - Vice President of Equipment/Player Safety Coach/Field Manager

Dan McGrath - Vice President/TCYFL Rep

Gerardo Gastelum - Vice President of Competition

Nina Di John - Cheer Director/Team Mom Coordinator

Steve Nelson - Field Manager

Ryan Schumi - Field Manager

John Guccione - Field Manager/Webmaster/Sponsor Coordinator

Jonathan Hooge - Social Media

Disciplinary Committee: Dave Feltman, Tom Sibo, Eddy Youkhanna

Official Counsel: Todd Projansky, David Feltman

Updated March 2019