Registration Information

Get your game on!

Updated Thursday May 4, 2017 by Buffalo Grove Bills Youth Football and Cheerleading.

Welcome to the 2017 season, we are excited to have you on-board.  Here is what you need to know about registration:


Registration fees are as follows:

  • Football:  $450 per child
  • Cheerleading:  $250 per child


The BG Bills accepts all form of payment however credit cards can only be used online.

At 'Walk-In' registration, ALL PAYMENTS are accepted. (Cash, Credit, Check)

Dates for walk in regsitration will be Saturday May 6, Saturday May 13, and Saturday May 20th at Emmerich Park Football field office from 9am to 11am.
150 Raupp Blvd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Raffle ticket fundraiser: Cash or Check only

To continue to provide a top notch program to your kids, we mandate that all families purchase a pack of raffle tickets.  The cost of the raffle tickets is $100, which is re-imbursed when you sell the raffle tickets.  Your kid can sell the raffle tickets to friends, family and neighbors, and make a $20 profit by selling all of the tickets.  All raffle ticket money is due at the time of registration.

Concession duty:

The BG Bills are a 100% volunteer organization.  Part of the volunteer spirit is passed to the parents; we require each family to help with concession duties for one day of the season.  We also understand that people have busy lives and may not be able to fulfill this obligation.  In the event you cannot participate in the volunteer concession duty, you can "opt out" by paying $75.  This is an optional fee that you can add during registration.


Most of the major football equipment is supplied as part of your registration process (helmet, shoulder pads, practice and game pants and pads, used/refurbished cloth chinstrap).  There are some equipment we can't re-use and thus you will need to supply it.  You can buy it on your own or pay for it at the time of registration by checking the appropriate boxes.  Fees are as follows:

  • Girdle with pads - $30
  • Padded chinstrap - $20
  • Rib guards - $30
  • Bills equipment bags - $40
  • Basic extra mouth guard - $5
  • Custom Bills socks with logo - $12

To register, click on the registration link and register your first child.  If you have multiple children, you will have the option to add a child during the registration process.