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Updated Thursday November 16, 2017 by Buffalo Grove Bills Youth Football and Cheerleading.

9 Bills Squads = 5 Bills played in Super Bowls,

5 Bills Super Bowl Victories!

Bantam Gold Won 26-0

Feather Pac  (Season complete)


Feather Gold Won 13-0


Middle Pac Black Won 6-0


Middle Gold  Won 15-0


Middle Pac Yellow  (Season complete)

Light Gold  (Season complete)



Junior Varsity Yellow (Season complete)



Junior Varsity Black  Won 12-0






We are proud to report that as the Bills Organization made history this year! All five teams that made it to the Super Bowl were victorious by SHUT OUT!     More stats: Our program completed the regular season, 53-19 as a program!


*Extremely proud of our Cheer girls! They did an amazing job all season.

Can’t wait to see them out there next year.


Don’t snooze! Be sure to submit your early registration for next year before Wednesday November 15th. Not only will you be saving $100 by registering early, you will also increase your chances by securing your child's favorite jersey number.


Can't believe the 2017 season has come to an end.  Our FINAL equipment hand-in will be this Wednesday 11/15 from 7:00-8:30pm at the Bills Building (Emmerich East Park) at 151 Raupp Blvd, Buffalo Grove.

  The following items must be returned and cleaned:

* Helmet - Remove decals

* Shoulder pads and knee pads

* Game and Practice Pants (2 pair), along with belt - THEY MUST BE CLEAN!!!

* The penalty for returning dirty pants? Mention in the Hall Of Shame in the Bills Blog!

This is the FINAL day to return your equipment!!! Please don't make us go looking for the equipment. If you cannot make this date, find a friend to send them with.  Also, if you haven't turned in your 2018 registration form, this is a great time to do so. We hope your child had a blast this season and is ready to return next year. 

                                                  SUPER SPECIAL THANKS

On behalf of Tom Sibo and The Bills Board, Thank You for helping us make Bills Football the amazing program that it is.

We truly have the best parents out there!!!

Our season would not of run so smoothly if not for all the volunteers in our program. We must extend our thanks to

Bekah Goldstein, Lori Miller, Julie Rausch and Tania Cervantes for all their hard work running the concession stand this year. Until next season, we will all miss the yummy and nostalgic smells from the Bills Grill.

Huge thanks to our Field Managers, Field Marshalls and scoreboard operators for making sure that game days went on without a hitch: Jamie Benthusen, Jay Krames, Steve Nelson, Scott Delevitt and Rick Herrejon!

Let’s not forget to thank all of our Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for the awesome 2017 season and for the countless hours they put in!  Finally, thanks to Mike Rausch. Beyond acting as our TCYFL League Representative, Mike is always on the clock making sure that things run smooth on our home turf as well as at TCYFL Super Bowl events.

Where would we be without our Team Moms?  Thank you ladies for all the time you put into your teams!

Corrie Delevit (Bantam Big10); Lora White (Feather PAC); Jesica Benthusen (Feather Big10);

Aki Youkhanna (Middle Big10 Gold); Michelle Factor (Middle PAC Black); Karla Guccione (Middle PAC Yellow);

Amanda Eliot (Light Big10); Lori, Lauren and Lauren (JV Big10 Yellow) and Tania Cervantes (JV Big10 Black).

Special thanks and recognition is in order for Jamie Benthusen! Jamie has been the “Go to Guy” for our organization. He is always there, behind the scenes, ready and willing to take on any task for the good of the program. Words could never describe the gratitude we wish to convey!  But we will try.....1,000 Thank yous’ to Jamie!

Lastly, our warmest and most heart felt thank you goes out to Aki Youkhanna. Aki does a great job making us all look good! We all loved this year’s black-on-black uniforms. However, she does so much more then just managing our apparel. She is the matriarch of this Bills Family. She is the lifeblood of this organization.  Thank you for all that you do.

In closing, congrats to our Super Bowl Champs!!! Beyond proud of everyone!

Bantam BIG10 Gold   Coach Delevitt 

When the postseason began, The Bills Bantam Big 10 team had the same weekly be out on the field the following week.  After making it to Super Bowl week, it became, why not us? The Bills Bantam Big 10 team was battle tested after playing the toughest regular season schedule in all of Bantam Big 10.  All of the games, except for one, was decided by one score either way.  The regular season schedule more than prepared the team to make a Super Bowl run, and we played maybe our most complete game of the season in a resounding 26-0 Super Bowl victory over East Aurora. We picked a great time to pitch our first shutout of the season!  We couldn't be more proud of these 20 boys, including 16 first year players, who worked so hard since the end of July. We saw tremendous growth from each and every one of them, both on and off the field.  It takes a big commitment from everyone involved, in order to have a successful football season.  Thank you to all the parents for getting the boys to practices and games on time, for the constant washing of the practice and game uniforms, for all the cheering during the games, and for your overall support of the team.  A Head Coach can never do this alone, and we were very fortunate to have three awesome Assistant Coaches, and an amazing Team Mom.  A BIG thank you to Shaun Friziellie, Steve Nelson, Bill Fawcett, and Corrie Delevitt.  We could not have done this without all of your help and support!!  Congratulations to Paul Holstein, Brody Delevitt, Braden Friziellie, Jackson Boundy, Matthew Ravenscraft, Jackson Carrigan, Miles Tyer, Anthony Alvarado, Brayden Sher, Jackson Clark, Brayden Roth, Nas Rasheed, Braden Bilotta, Thomas Sweeney, Aidan Noe, Lucas Caise, David Graham, Dylan Nelson, Bowie Richmond, and Dylan Fawcett. The future is bright for all of these boys!  I have never been more proud of a group of boys! Congratulations to the 2017 Bantam Big 10 2A Super Bowl Champions!!!!

Featherweight BIG10 Gold   Coach Hiller

Bills took on the No.2 seed Cary Jr. Trojans Sunday. In the end they  left no doubt who the number 1 Feather Big Ten team in the TCYFL was. It was a Dominating performance on all fronts. Just as in their  earlier playoff games the boys gave up no points and very few yards. Everyone came together as a team to finish this season on top! Great work everyone.

This game had some first for the team this season. We saw our first pick six when Griff Suren picked off the Trojans QB and ran in a TD.  We also had a punt return that resulted in our second TD. Lastly we saw Jack Staub intercept a ball with 

a leg catch, great work to stay focused and hold onto that ball until they called it a catch! There were great runs by Donovan, Fatman, Giff, Jack and LB.  Aidan Crawley and Jack each had another interception.

Overall the defense shined. We had another shutout performance with great work by everyone. The boys on the line shut down any chance Cray had of running up the middle the line backers, corners and Safety stayed in position and with their man resulting in zero completions and 4 interceptions.

This team had an amazing season and worked together as a unit to get the Super Bowl.

Thank you toll the boys for all your hard work this season you guys did exactly what you need to do to win a super bowl you should be proud over yourselves! Thank you to our Team Mom Jesica for keeping everything in order this season!  Thank you to all the parent for bringing your boys to practice all season and having the patience to Stand by while Coach Hiller ran "just one more play" three or more times each practice, Without the support of the parents this team and our program would not be as successful as we are! Thank you to all of the Coaches that helped out with this team this season. Coach Hiller, Coach Wasserman, Coach Crew and Coach Nelson put in countless hours getting these boys prepared and for that we are all thankful! Stay tuned for information on the Team Celebration and please get your kids registered for next year ! 

Middleweight BIG10 Gold  Coach Youkhanna 

 Middle Big Ten beats Bana 15-0, completing an undefeated season in the top 6a division.  Tough to beat a team twice, and the boys were able to pull it off.  By far our toughest test of the year.  Bana came ready to play, made adjustments, but it wasn't enough.  Both teams had critical 4th down stops that kept the game close in the 1st half, until a Federman to Kim streak down the sideline to the 10.  A quick spike, a little chaos, and a penalty backed the bills up with only 10 seconds, no time outs, and one last play.  Federman back again, this time hitting Rhemrev on a wheel down the sideline.  Cole laid out for the ball between 3 defenders for the TD!   Martinez banged the extra point through the uprights.  Second half was what Bills football is all about, everyone playing for each other as one team with one goal.  O-line, Corso, Zuppardo, Yamoto, Latuilippe, Kim, Yao, Youkahanna, and Hensley, dominated a very good Bana D-line.  Coach Shane, "who's got #2!!!"  Backs did their job, Giles and Martinez ran like men and wore down the D.  All eyes were on Goldman because he burned them in game one, which freed up Rhemrev for some nice runs.  McGrath nice blocks all day, and wait, there goes McGrath down the sideline.....way to carry the fakes out. 

Defense bent, but never broke.  These kids are tough, only giving up 3 td's all year!  A pick by Giles and a nice run after the pick set up a nifty cut back run for 6 by Rhemrev.  Capped off by a Federman to Kim extra point.  D ends, Delivitt and Earl played big, sealing the edge and getting in on the trap and wedge game.  Zuppardo and Yamato owned the D line and made huge plays.  Hensley and Yao, toughest task of the year over #2, but you unselfishly did your jobs.  Corners came up big when needed, nice job Skolnik and St. George.  Thank you parents for all that you do, and to Bills nation for supporting us on the sidelines.  So many MVP's, but there can only be one for this game.....MVP = Cole Rhemrev.

Middleweight PAC10  Black  Coach Schubert

Middleweight Black finished a tremendous season as Super Bowl champs defeating Crystal Lake 6 - 0 Saturday morning in the bitter cold. The boys stayed focused and fought hard the entire game to earn the victory. The defense once again was a force. They went through the playoffs without giving up a score.

Offensively was tough all day with the weather conditions. Frezza was able to sneak through the line for a long touchdown run for the only scoring on the day.

Congratulations to these boys. Their hard work throughout the year paid off with the Super Bowl victory. Thanks to all the parents and all the Bills coaches for the help and support throughout the season.

Junior Varsity BIG10 Black   Coach Sibo 

On Saturday night under the lights at Carmel HS our Bills JV Big 10 team faced offed against the Wauconda Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs had a team that had been together for 3 years and posted a record of 31-1, with the 1 loss to our Bills team in week 2 this year.  Make it 31-2 for the Bulldogs as our Bills defeat them 12-0 in the Super Bowl to complete the Undefeated Season and win the Championship.  Our boys fought hard all year and brought home Super Bowl victory # 4 for Coach Sibo. Defense dominated again shutting out the Bulldogs for the second time this season. Jack Borgerding, Grandpa Hynes, Khaleef Smith, Jordan Skolmar and Trystan Anderson dominating up front on defensive.  Khaleef doing it with one hand. Petrella, Larson, Little, Gleyzer and Crone stepping up on D to fill the holes and make big tackles. 

O-Line Oh Yeah!!  All season long they big boys up front won games by controlling the line. Julian, Anderson, Hicks, Hooge and Carrigan are the unsung heroes who make it all happen.   Must have been the O-Line breakfasts that did it!  Thanks Coach Hicks! Jason Gleyzer making the fullback position back in style running the ball tough up the middle picking up big yards and big first downs. Aiden Larsen with the big 30 yard punt return in the 2nd quarter. Jordan “Youngblood” Skolmar with the 2 yard TD run. Floyd Glinsey busting things open with the 66 yard TD run.  We see you 30!. Chad “C.C.” Crone leading the offense like the leader he is and has done all year. Joey Little dominating on both sides of the ball.  Special thanks to our team mom Tania Cervantes.  Thanks for all of your hard work keep us on track and keeping Gerry in line. Big thank you to Laura Crone for all the pictures.  Thanks for capturing all of the memories of a championship season. Thanks to all of the coaches.  Great group of guys with a passion for the game and great teachers.  The coach’s blog was fun reading each week. Thank you to all of the parents driving the boys all around each week to practices and games.  Then having to wait it out past 7:30 each practice while the coaches ramble on. Thanks to the Petrella’s for the coach’s buffets.